Slides to Digital / DVD

Slides to Digital

We can convert your non-copyrighted slides to Digital. Using new technology we are able to offer this service in-house and at very reasonable rates. Slides are scanned as high resolution individual files and are recorded to a data DVD which will play back as a slideshow on most DVD players. These can also be accessed on a computer for printing, emailing, or slideshows.

Preserve your memories for generations to come.

DVD... One of our specialties!


per DVD master

plus each slide 



Qty Each
1-100 .79*
101-500 .69*
501-1000 .59*
1001-2500 .49*
 2501+ .39*







*Slides must be in Kodak type carousels or loose stacked in original boxes.
How to place slides in Kodak Carousels
Add 25 cents for each slide in other types of slide trays or other packaging.
Additional enhancement services, such as dust removal, color correcting, and cropping are available for an addition price.

Prices include high quality DVD media and case.
California Sales tax not included.







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