Legal Video

Over the years technological advances in video equipment has had a dramatic effect on the legal profession. Video has proven to be an effective legal tool both in and out of the courtroom. Whether it’s a video deposition, day in the life video, accident re-creation, or duplicating confidential video evidence, Video Memories is a leader in legal video productions.


Video Memories was one of the early pioneers in the area of legal video productions. We even developed a certified legal video training program for other video production services to learn how to do legal video. Our Certified Legal Videographers are professionally trained and are knowledgeable of local procedural guidelines. As a part of a national network of Certified Legal Videographers, we can arrange legal video services just about anywhere. Video Memories is committed to staying informed about the latest innovations that will benefit our legal clients.


Certified Legal Videographer – Videomasters – Since 1987

Certified Legal Video Specialist – National Court Reporters Association – Since 1988


Legal Video Services Rates 
Video Deposition*
$150.00 hr
Other Video Productions
Day-in-the-Life, Settlement Videos, Inspections, Recreations, Wills, Mock Trials 
Video Editing – Computer Based 
$150.00 hr
Synchronizing Deposition Transcript with Video 
$150.00 hr
Certified DVD Copy 
$29.95 ea
Certified Audio Copy 
$29.95 ea
Travel Outside Metropolitan Bakersfield Area 
$60.00 hr
Rush Charge 
1.5 x rate
*Two hour minimum (which includes local travel, setup, take down, tape stock and one DVD copy for the requesting attorney) and $95.00 per each hour thereafter during regular business hours (M-F 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM). Depositions that go over 8 hours in a single day or that occur after hours or on weekends and holidays, will be invoiced at 1 ½ times our regular rates for those hours. Our time begins at the deposition’s scheduled start time and ends when the CLV’s duties have concluded.



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