• Mother’s Day Video DVD Special

    A Photo Tribute DVD Makes a Great Gift For Mom!


    Mother’s Day is just around the corner, what are you doing for YOUR mom?


    Flowers? A card? Don’t have any idea? How about a DVD from Video Memories, customized by you, especially for her? Favorite family photos paired up with some of her favorite songs transferred to a video DVD can make a treasured and memorable gift for a very special Mom.


    Photo Tribute Video DVD


    What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by reliving those special moments with Mom in a Video DVD Photo Montage? Purchase a Video Photo Montage DVD Package for as low as $149.95, and for a limited time, just in time for Mother’s Day, receive an additional DVD copy for yourself or another loved one, absolutely free! To view options and details visit our tribute page.




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    Where To Start?


    No appointment is required, you can come in anytime between 9-5, Monday-Friday to drop off your photos and music. Please follow these simple instructions BEFORE you come in, to save you some time after you arrive.


    1. Organize the pictures you are wanting to use in the order you want them to appear and number them on the back either with a pencil, quick drying pen or a post-it type note you can write the number on.


    Don’t use a regular ink pen because the ink can transfer to the other photos


    Tip -Try to choose pictures that are horizontal (wider than they are tall) because they will more closely fit your television screen. If a picture needs special cropping, such as a person you don’t want in the picture, cover that person with a post-it type note, or make sure you let us know when you bring it in. We can also use announcements, clippings and other memorabilia.


    2. Choose what music you want played with your video. Then, on a sheet of paper, list which song you want played with what pictures. The average time that each picture stays on the screen is 6 seconds. That time can be lengthened or shortened to fit your song or the song can be repeated or faded out to fit your pictures. One song will cover about 20 to 25 pictures.


    3. Next, you’ll need to come up with a simple beginning and ending title for your video. Then bring your photos, music and instruction list to Video Memories. The rest is up to us.


    We ask that you allow two-weeks for us to get the project done. It doesn’t actually take us two weeks to complete it, but it allows us to get the jobs done in the order they come in. If we do finish the order before that two week period, we call you and let you know it is done. If you can’t wait the two weeks, we may be able to have someone work overtime for an additional charge to place your order ahead of everyone else’s. Make sure to tell us if it is a surprise, so when we call to let you know it’s finished we don’t spoil the surprise.


    Please call us today for more information! 661-398-7075


    Consultations and estimates are free.


    Free Video DVD copy offer expires May 10, 2015.


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